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Research & Development has been the cornerstone of Somani Seedz’ strategy since its inception. R&D was established in the company much before it started any marketing activities. The company has astutely chosen to focus on R&D in developing its own hybrid vegetable seeds in potentially large seed markets (including vegetables where the transition from open pollinated seeds to Hybrid Vegetable seeds is imminent) with relatively lower competition (to get to market leadership in quick time). This focus has helped the company to deliver high quality products as per its schedule and have very high visibility on future development and launch schedules as well. Somani Seedz has one of the strongest team of highly qualified, experienced and specialized breeders who are key to developing these innovative and competitive products.

Somani Seedz develops new improved hybrids seeds through plant breeding by using latest technologies & procedures. It has acquired unique, superior and a broad base of germplasm from partner companies, instutities both national and international to ensure success in its breeding programs tailored for specific traits. The company has set up 4 R&D centres across the different agro climatical regions of India i.e. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh.

The Company is committed to continuing to invest significant resources into R&D to ensure that it keeps delivering a steady pipeline of new improved and superior products that can help farmers reap bountiful harvests and maintain its own market leadership.


Somani Seedz has a strong team of highly educated and experienced production staff to undertake production in different centres situated across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh as well as in some select regions outside India.

Production is carried out through well-defined processes and professionally qualified & experienced staff. Dedicated production staff monitors the production fields at critical crop stages in order to help the growers to get better yield and maintain seed quality as per defined norms. The company currently has more than 1000 progressive farmers attached with it to undertake contract seed production for the company.


Somani Seedz processing and packaging infrastructure is set up to ensure only the best seeds reach the markets and the farmers ensuring the right germination and production levels are achieved at the farms and therefore become an instrument to build brand salience. Processing and packaging of seeds at Somani Seedz is based on stringent quality assurance norms.

High standards of processing and packaging is also key to ensuring minimal sales returns and inventory obsolescence and therefore achieve and maintain over all profitability and cash flows.

The company has installed latest processing & packaging machines to monitor seed quality and purity at every stage along with modern seed grading techniques to ensure that the best quality seeds get packed and reach the farmers.


Somani Seedz has methodically expanded its footprint and has built a wide and robust distribution network across most of India to reach out to the farmers. Somani Seedz’ dynamic sales and marketing team is deeply involved in the farmer ecosystem organising farmers’ meetings and trials in the villages. The sales and marketing team along with the local distributors educates the farmers about the benefits of its innovative products and guides them on the latest agricultural practices and techniques. They also act as the first line of feedback mechanism providing real time market and crop specific level intelligence to R&D and production / processing centres.

Somani Seedz’ current export focus is on the Middle East and South Asia. We have developed unique and innovative products that suit the market requirement as well as the agro-climatic conditions. Our approach is to work alongside strong local distributors in the respective geographies to help secure necessary local approvals and co-market Somani Seedz products. Exports is and will continue to be a meaningful and fast-growing segment of our portfolio.